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Koi Ponds

A fantastic and creative addition to the beauty of any backyard is the inclusion of artificial rocks, waterfall and fish ponds. These artificial rock ponds and waterfalls will enhance any area pool dramatically. At Creative Rock you will see many wonderful ideas and concepts on how we build fish ponds and much more using artificial rock. 

Creative Rock is the place to go to find the best pond and waterfall builder in Sydney.   Artificial rock fish ponds will look great accenting your home and integrated within your landscape. They can even be made for indoor use creating a look and feel of being nearer to nature every day. 

This particular style of sculpted rock is made from strong and long lasting, steel reinforced concrete, making them very durable and worthy of standing the test of time, not to mention the one of a kind and exquisite uniqueness of each array. The waterfalls are soothing to the ear and lovely to the eye. The rocks are made to resemble real rocks, but the real advantage of artificial rock as opposed to real rock is that they can be formed to fit anywhere you wish them to be located. Our waterfall features are perfect for odd corners and places that would otherwise go more or less unnoticed, bringing out a fine aesthetic to your landscape design with the enjoyment and serenity of nature.

Children love to climb on rocks and interact with fish and the addition of a Koi pond makes a funtastic place to play. Adding these rock structures to the inside or outside of your home will create a feel of relaxation and beauty that everyone will appreciate. To have a waterfall and fish pond constructed by Creative Rock will transport your backyard into a tropical paradise.