swimming pool designs

 When it comes to artificial rock water features such as waterfalls and caves on pools, rock coping and much more, Creative Rock and Waterscapes is a company that promises breathtaking designs that add value and aesthetic appeal to swimming pools and outdoor living areas. We utilise hand made artificial rock in a wide range pool landscaping designs.

With unmatched creative talent and more than 20 years of experience in rock sculpting, our company offers exceptional services to our clients. We take pride in offering unparalleled solutions from the initial concept, to the design process, right through to the actual building and finishing of the project.

Services Offered

There are many different residential and commercial applications for handmade artificial rock. We use steel reinforced concrete to build durable structures. Services offered include:

• Billabong pool design

• Artificial rock waterfall for pools

• Koi ponds

• Unique swimming pool landscaping designs

• Billabong pool designs

• Indoor waterfalls 

• Pool water features and rock coping

The custom built artificial rock features are designed to transform an ordinary looking swimming pool into an elegant work of art. With many designs to choose from, you can find one that will give your pool and outdoor area a tropical feel and give you your own little oasis.

All artificial rocks for pools are structurally sound and can always be relied upon for their structure and integrity for years to come.  Each artificial rock waterfall that we build onto a swimming pool is a unique design that is custom built to suit the needs of our clients and the surrounding pool landscape.  

There are countless options for designing artificial rocks for pools and sometimes it can be difficult to know where to buy fake rock.  Sometimes people opt for a plastic artificial rock or a precast fibreglass rock to go onto the side of their pool but in our experience this is not the most beautiful or practical method for creating a natural looking environment for your pool.  

The landscaping around a pool is often the centerpiece of the entire property and a plastic or fibreglass waterfall that was made in a factory will never prpovide the best result.  These fake rock waterfalls that are simply attached to the side of a pool can fade from high exposure to sunlight and UV and can often become brittle and deteriorate terribly over time.  These types of swimming pool features are also not always safe for children (or adults) to climb on.  

The steel reinforced structure of our artificial rock will give you the piece of mind to trust that no matter what the weight load put onto the top of the cave or cascadeis, that there will never be any danger of a structural collapse.  Our man made rock is built to stand the test of time in any environment and give your pool area the proper landscaping aesthetic that it deserves.

Check out some examples of our swimming pool waterfalls and let your imagination run wild!