Swimming Pool Waterfall

A Billabong Pool Design or A Pool With Waterfall and Slide

Artificial rock can be used to surround an entire pool with rock coping or can be used as an amasing water feature with rock caves and waterfalls cascading into your pool or spa. The coping rock can extend deep into the pool and in some situations, all the way to the floor of the pool. Rocks can also be built to function as planter boxes to soften the overall swimming pool landscape design. Some very unique swimming pool design ideas can be carried out by Creative Rock and will always result in a truly remarkable final finish.

Beyond the basic man made rock waterfalls that can be built onto the side of a pool, Creative Rock can also create very unique waterfalls such as a pool with a waterfall built around a water slide.  The water slide can be set into an artificial rock waterfall to become a resort style pool that provides great fun for the whole family.  Building a waterfall and slide on a pool creates a unique aesthetic in that you have all of the fun and enjoyment of a water slide combined with the beauty and natural feel of a rock waterfall built around the slide.