Pond Repairs

Creative Rock can help to repair ponds and waterfalls.  Repairing artificial rock is our specialty and we can either fix a leaking pond, repair pond liners and waterfalls, or rebuild a new waterfall to replace an old pond or waterfall.  

Many times over the years, ponds and artificial rock that has not been properly built may be in need of some repair.  We can fix concrete rock, fibreglass artificial rock or replace the water feature entirely.  We can re colour the artificial rock to bring a new life to your waterfall.  All of our rock is built with structure and durability in mind.  Properly built artificial rock should have structural integrity and be able to take years of heavy traffic and use. If an artificial rock waterfall is built onto a pool and salt water is used in the pool, this can sometimes leave a salt line around the pool which, if left for a long time can become a permanent eye sore.  Creative rock can resurface the rock to create a beautiful rock finish on your pool that will be a beatiful rock cascade on your pool once again.