Japanese Garden Design

Creating a tranquil and eye-catching garden can be as easy as adding rock features and waterfalls.

The gardens of the Orient are world famous for their pagodas and stepping stones, their old-world charm, and their serenity. People visit from all over, drawing inspiration from these traditional gardens, and bringing those ideas home to their cities and towns.

Landscapers have moved beyond simple hedges and perennials, and now promote Far Eastern touches like waterfall construction and koi fish. With rock and water features, homeowners in Sydney are bringing that serenity to their own gardens, and at the same time increasing resale value on their homes.

It doesn't take an enormous country property just to build a pond and add fish. Even moderate sized city backyards can profit from Oriental landscaping. Anything from a fountain to stepping stones through the yard can change the whole ambiance.

Instead of boxwood for the edging, why not bamboo and some Eastern statuary? With the right seating in both sunny and shady areas, you can create a zen garden experience without the costly plane tickets to the Pacific Rim.

Speak to Creative Rock about creative ideas that go beyond our neighborhood and even our borders, and bring us a little piece of the ancient world, right in your own backyard.