Indoor Waterfeatures

Indoor ponds are also popular features of hotels and business centers because water is relaxing and provides a positive energy to the area. Add appropriate fish and gentle underwater lighting plus overhead lights, perhaps in different colors. The result is an impressive finish, bright yet muted; serene yet invigorating. If it is in your interest to prepare clients for a meeting by bringing their pulse rate down, there should be water and soft light in the room, preferably in a natural-looking context. The addition of artificial or real plants which would ordinarily be found around similar types of rock formations in nature enhances their appeal and authenticity.

An indoor pond or fountain can be built within a home if there is only a small dedicated space. Some homes often have spacious entrance hallways or vacant areas under stairways and plenty of windows are perfect places for indoor water features. They give homeowners and visitors a sense of relaxation, tranquility and peace.