Artificial Rock Sydney

There is nothing more relaxing than to build waterfalls, ponds, and other types of water features in your yard. Imitation rock makes it very easy to create the exact effect you are looking for, without the need for natural rock. Artificial rock is easy to work with and absolutely versatile which allows for amazing designs to be created. 

When creating ponds for landscaping, many landscapers find it simpler to use man made rock for the task. This permits for the perfect placement of the water feature rocks to create the desired look. The imitation rock also allows you to run wires through it so that you can enjoy lights or even music from speakers hidden within the stone.

Another great use for artificial rock is to build unique caves on pools. This offers shade for swimmers on hot days and can also be a fun place to hang out. Add some music and lights and a serene cascade and you have a great addition to any pool area. 

Man made rock has so many uses, you are really only limited by your imagination. Anywhere you might want to use natural rock, but need a little more versatility, fake rock can be used. Keep in mind that it can be used to create landscape features or to simply add small details, like light, and sound for a complete sensory experience.

Creative Rock designs and builds waterfalls in Sydney and all surrounding areas.  Call anytime to discuss creating your dream landscape design.