Waterfall With a Water Slide Into Pool

A unique pool design incorporating a waterslide built into the side of a cave and cascade design. A beautiful and one of a kind vision produced using hand sculpted artificial rock. Pool lighting, landscaping and of course waterscape design all play important roles in the overall success of this waterfall design. A set of rock stairs meanders around the back of the feature and provides an understated access to the top of the slide. If you are considering a water slide design, why not make it something very special that will be as beautiful as it is fun. Call Creative Rock to discuss what magnificent design can be dreamed up for your pool.


Ideas for Waterfalls and Slides to Work into Swimming Pool Designs

Here are a few example where we have designed a pool and waterfall, and decided that a water slide would be a great edition to the overall design. Some worked well, some not a well as hoped, but some look absolutely beautiful and for every design like this coming up in the future, we are well prepared to deliver some of the most interesting and gorgeous feature design that there is. Check some of these latest works and let us know what you think.


Creative Rock New Artificial Rock Website Is Live

We have just finished the final adjustments to the new Creative Rock website, and I have to say that I’m very happy with how it has all turned out. I think that visually is has a much higher aesthetic while from the backend has a much more search friendly structure. I have, over the last many years, struggled to get high organic search engine rankings for some of my specific keywords such as Artificial Rock, Waterfall Designs, and Pond Builder. I have leant too heavily on displaying photos with missing alt texts and meta tags or employing far too much flash into the site to make it appear more enticing. Doing this has neglected the commandments handed down by the all powerful Google and has always kept the site bouncing around the SERPS. I hope that as well as a beautiful site, this latest incarnation of CreativeRock.com.au will allow for a better end user experience as well as cater to the needs of the crawler bots which today have as much impact on business success as the actual work that we do. Enjoy.