5 Ways To Use Artificial Rock That You’ve Never Thought Of

Artificial rock, from the very early days of being used to create Hollywood movie sets has seen a constant rise in popularity and notoriety as the go-to method for creating unique man made environments. As the styles and processes for making artificial rock have grown, so to have the number of applications that man mad rock can be applied to. For many years, the concept of man made mountains was confined to large theme parks and expensive holiday resorts. Over the last 15-20 years however, more and more rock companies have been catering to a more private and residential market. These projects would generally include things like backyard waterfalls and ponds, some basic rock structures, or possible some type of swimming pool water feature. We at Creative Rock have been building waterfalls, pool features and creating rock concepts for many years but here are a few other ways that artificial rock can be utilised that you probably haven’t considered.

Man made rock can be used to easily cover an unsightly wall or retaining structure. An old garden wall that is falling down, or rotting away can be easily replaced with a beautiful rock wall that will easily conform to any angle, size or contour that a site may require. Creative Rock can also sculpt a natural looking rock feature onto a brick or block wall ranging from a small garden wall to an entire brick house turned to stone.

artificial rock retaining wall
Creative Rock hand sculpted concrete rock wall.


We have built a number of rock features for zoos, large municipal aquariums, and reptile enclosures. Of course these large scale projects have an important objective to create a natural looking habitat for these animals to thrive in but consider a smaller and more practical application. Often times people are looking to build their own unique environment for a pet lizard of fish tank. This may entail a simple rock aquarium background or may involve a very complex and unique custom designed rock aquarium stand or enclosure.

Custom made artificial rock aquarium stand.
Sculpted rock aquarium stand and rock fish tank background.


Having been in the landscaping world for many years, I can definitely appreciate how difficult it can be to find unique and beautiful garden lights. Of course, if you’re looking for a cheap and mostly ineffective light then you will certainly find them in abundance, but if you are looking for lighting that is more dramatic and elegant that will add personality and an individual statement to the atmosphere of your home and garden, artificial rock can offer a unique solution that can be incorporated into any lighting infrastructure.

Rock garden lighting
Unique garden lighting made with concrete rock design.


Over the years, I have been in countless custom built designer homes where every last element has been considered, selected, and built with a keen eye on detail and quality. With the exception of one area… the awkward spot under a staircase. I can never understand how a builder, architect and/or home owner can simply neglect one of the most immediately visible areas of the home. This difficult enclave of empty space created when a large staircase (often the first thing seen when entering the front door) ascends to the second floor is an excellent opportunity if used correctly. Due to the versatility of artificial rock to be designed to accommodate any space or shape, Creative Rock features offer an elegant choice for bringing a unique water feature or fountain into this often abandoned space. There are always a number of ways to bring the outdoors in.

indoor waterfall with rock fountain
A unique waterfall built inside a house. The entry foyer is crucial to the design of the waterfall.


These days there are endless options when deciding how to finish an outdoor floor area, footpath or patio. A myriad of paving, tile, and concrete finishes are all available solutions at a wide range of costs. However, if you’re looking to make a unique impression on a particular area, sometimes you have to think outside of conventional methods and materials. Artificial rock sculpted from steel reinforced concrete provides a beautiful and natural finish to any walkway or seating area. Stepping stones made from fake rock can also provide a truly unique way to navigate through a designer garden. Often a landscape design that has amazing potential to be truly fantastic is let down by a completely bland and unimaginitive garden pathway design.

Concrete rock stepping stones by Creative Rock
Stepping stones leading through the garden.


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